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Um, that’s MY money Mr. Obama!

January 10, 2013


I have been frustrated most of today. I’ve been waiting for today because I knew my take-home pay would be changing in 2013 with the deduction of the health insurance benefits I can now afford (yay for that!) and I really couldn’t tweak my budget until I knew what the amount would end up being (especially with the fiscal cliff ridiculousness).

So I logged onto my bank account to check the deposit amount this morning and almost fell out of my chair when my body went numb from shock.

I won’t go into numbers right now (that’s going to come up in the next budget post) but suffice it to say there is going to have to be some major budget tweaking and getting frugal around here.

Like, pennies are going to be shrieking because they’re being pinched so hard…

I do enjoy a challenge though, so I’m ready to roll my sleeves up and figure this business out so I can get to buying a house more quickly!

Did anyone else have a moment when they saw their first paycheck of the year?

*I’ve been working on some printable budget sheets and such for y’all and I plan to have those available on the site by the end of this weekend. We’re going to start the budgeting next week!*

Have a happy Friday!

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