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DIY Christmas Gifts

December 1, 2011

Saving money this time of year can be super tough. We’re bombarded by the “spend, spend, spend” message from all sides everywhere we go.

I was all set to go Black Friday shopping this year, but after hearing about the random acts of violence that occurred I’m glad that I was home with my daughter and her pneumonia.

With December upon us, it’s time to finalize just  what my “make it” gifts will be.

I’ve had a pretty good idea about the gift for the ladies in my life… ribbon key fobs! (go here for a great tutorial!) I saw these at a little boutique shop and they wanted $10-$15 for one. What a cute and practical way to keep your keys at hand!

I usually do cookie boxes as gifts for coworkers and E’s teachers, so that’s covered. I just have to plan what cookies, and how many boxes.


The men. They are the hardest people to figure something out for! It’s my dad, my two brothers, and my cousin. What do you make for men that’s manly and useful?? I need to step up my googling as far as this goes.

So, what are your DIY gifts this year? What are you doing for the men in your life?

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