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Frugal Foxy Friday

July 22, 2011

I think this will be a new Friday thing. Y37546EZTKY5

Not every Friday, but I do love a good frugal beauty buy and every so often I stumble on some amazing products and just have to share.

This week:  Suave Professionals Damage Care Conditioner!

Awesome in a bottle!

Apparently, this stuff has been around for about two years, but I in my usual stubborn fashion have refused to buy anything other than my usual Suave Clarifying conditioner.

Man, was I missing out! I have super thick, frizzy, wavy hair and it just seemed like the regular stuff was giving up on me (the daily heat from blowdrying and straightening probably wasn’t helping either).

So, there I am standing in the shampoo aisle at Kroger and I see this Damage Care conditioner. I’m completely skeptical, and not really sure that I want to spend almost a whole other 50 cents on this product that surely can’t be that different from what I already use. It’s all Suave…

But into the cart it goes. Maybe because with my Plus card it was only a frugal $1.85, or maybe because I was tired and I just wanted to get the heck out of that store.

Either way, this stuff is the cat’s pajamas!

Don’t get me wrong-I can’t tell you it gave me the straight, soft, and silky shampoo commercial hair that I’ve always wanted (no product will ever give me that!) but I can tell you that my hair doesn’t go crazy when I style it now like it did pre-this conditioner.

For those of you ladies that do have that gorgeous, naturally straight (and frizz-free!) hair, this just may give you that shampoo commercial hair.

For around $2, it’s worth a try.

Oh, and if you decide to try it, do let me know what you think! (That goes for you ladies who already use it also!)

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