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Do over!!!

April 30, 2011

Ok, well, really there are no do-overs in life but I feel like I got one of the few that are given out.

I found a job, and E and I have found a new normal.

Before we talk about anything else, I have to tell you something-I suck at letting my failures hang out for all to see. Part of the reason this blog will be good for me. I can’t win all the time and I want to be comfortable with that.

That is basically the reason I disappeared.

Well, that, and not having any money coming into our household kind of put a damper on my wanting to talk about anything having to do with my lack of income. It was downright scary!

Now I’m much more aware of how dynamic life can really be and just how it feels to have the rug pulled out from under you, and I am very thankful to have this second chance at managing an income. Part of growing is wiping off the dirt and climbing back on the horse that just bucked you off.


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