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So much going on…

January 18, 2011

In the mail today: my first credit card statement.  How time flies!

There was only a balance of $4.07 as I used it to buy a new lipstick (on sale!) and there is no interest until November 2011 (yay!) so I’ll be paying that as soon as I’m done posting this.

One thing did get me thinking, though.

Paperless billing.

Capital One mentions on the bill that paperless billing is an option, and one that I generally take advantage of but in this case I’m thinking that sticking with a paper bill may be a more tangible reminder to make sure I don’t put off paying the bill.

Also got some fun mail today! A check for $15.00 in the mail from my primary care physician’s office. Apparently, I overpaid on co-pays last year and instead of crediting the money to my account they sent it back to me. How awesome is that?? More money for the Emergency Fund!

I must apologize about the ADD nature of this post  and that I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like…I’ve been a little preoccupied with a financial situation that I’m dealing with. I’ll be writing about it, just not yet. There are a few ends that need to be tied up a little more before I can talk about it here, but it’s coming…

And next post: Numbers!! That’s right, I’m going to let it all hang out there and you’re going to find out the exact numbers of all of my savings, debt, and my credit score. (I’m also working on making some nifty graphics so you can keep up over time!)

I hope that your week has started off well and continues to get better!

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  1. Steve permalink
    January 26, 2011 5:05 pm

    Something that I thought would be handy to note… a lot of people are concerned, rightfully so, about the interest rate that’s attached to their credit card(s). I have two cards, a Visa that my bank gave me (not a debit card) that has an 11.24% rate, and an American Express card that has a 15.24% rate. The lower the rate, the less in excess you rack up if you’re going to have a balance that carries over.

    Well, about once every 6 months to a year, I call my credit card companies and I ask them for a lower interest rate. Surprisingly, nearly every time I ask them for one, they lower it! For instance, I called American Express a few minutes ago and asked for a lower rate and they happily dropped it down to 14.24%. Yeah, it’s only 1%, but hey… that’s lower than 15.24%! I called my bank Visa and asked for a lower rate and they said they can’t yet, but to call back in March and they’ll likely be able to. Guess what I’ll be doing in March?!

    So, save the date! Mark your calendar! Call your credit card companies and ask for the lower rate. Remember: You miss 100% of the chances you DON’T take! …and you certainly don’t wanna miss out on the savings that a lower interest rate will win you!

    *Note: My favorite thing to tell the credit card company is that their competitor has a lower rate.

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