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Date Night!

January 14, 2011

E and I are having one of our good old-fashioned girly date nights. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to have one due to my work schedule so I’m especially looking forward to this. And we’re doing it frugal-style!

The financial outlay for tonight’s date racks up to-

Dinner at Burger King: $5.70 (I didn’t buy any pop!)

Redbox movie (Despicable Me): $1.00

Popcorn and kool-aid: $0, already on hand

Total: $6.70


I expect we’ll be exploring new, different, frugal ways to spend date night. I recently found some local resources that list a lot of free/inexpensive things to do so we’ll probably be trying some of those.

Until then, I have a movie to watch!

What’s your favorite ‘date night with your kids’ activity? What would they pick as their favorite?

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