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I’m not lovin’ it, McDonalds!

January 6, 2011

How can a budgeted trip to McDonalds turn into ridiculousness? I will tell you.

And I should have known something would get messed up when the teenager running the register just couldn’t figure it out.

I ordered my value meal with water which threw everything into a tizzy. The teenager couldn’t figure out how to ring up a water with a value meal (because who eats at McDonalds and doesn’t drink a supersized Coke??) and yelled across the way to the manager at the drive-in. The manager yells back that you have to ring it up separately.

Ok, I’m thinking…you just have to ring up the water as a separate drink. No biggie.

Oh no, when the teen still couldn’t figure out how to ring it up the manager came over to “fix” it.


By ringing up the sandwich, fries, and WATER up as single items. And not telling me that this is how it was being done.

And by charging me $1.55 for a medium WATER. Not a bottle of water. But a medium cup of WATER from the soda fountain.

Ok, so when the teen tells me the price I realized something was off. When I asked why she said I was being charged for the water. Although I didn’t think it right, I assumed that this was just another way to get money from people trying to save it.

So…I caved. I filled that cup up with cold, bubbly Diet Coke (I was being charged the same amount for water as for pop so why not?) and was proud of myself for “getting my money’s worth” after all.

Only after collecting napkins, and ketchup, and straws, and helping E get her own drink, and sitting down to eat did I see the receipt and see that everything was rung separately and I could have saved myself the trouble AND about $1 by just ordering the meal with a fountain drink in the first place.

So the breakdown is this:

Single Mom FAIL by deciding to just drink the pop and not checking the receipt.

McDonalds FAIL by making it so difficult to order the healthier option of water and then charging the same amount for it. And FAIL for employing teenagers that have not a clue and don’t care (because this annoys about customer service everywhere anyway).

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  1. January 6, 2011 8:50 pm

    UGH! Stuff like that drives me insane. I’m pretty sure when I worked at McDonald’s in 2003 it was the same way. There’s one SMALL cup for water that you can get free but nothing else.

    On a side note, I’m thinking, “Who eats at McDonald’s and doesn’t order a Mickey D sweet tea?!” 😉 If you do ever order a sweet tea at McDonald’s, be sure to get all of your items separately. They charge you the same price as a coke if you get it in the combo, but separately, a sweet tea is only $1. Crazy if you ask me!

    • January 8, 2011 4:01 pm

      Thanks for stopping by, Red!

      I’ve never really been so invested in the price of water at a restaurant before this, but funny what budgeting will do to you!

      I used to drink the sweet tea all the time (before my diet pepsi addiction began) but for some reason I still like Chik-fil-a’s sweet tea better!

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