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It Takes Guts

December 23, 2010

I’m a planner. I am (goes along with the lists). That’s why I find it especially frustrating to have to significantly change detailed plans.

You’d think by now I’d be over it, but I haven’t learned yet.

My career options had been up in the air for a while, my choices between Nursing and Health Information Management (HIM).  Thanks to the news telling everyone that nursing is a recession-proof job (it’s not) and my college being one of very few accredited HIM programs in this area, I am sitting on waiting lists for both of these programs.

Long story short, I found a nursing school that for a hefty price tag would allow me to enter their LPN to RN bridge program and bypass the waiting list. Awesome! Or so I thought…

Background: E’s visitation schedule with her dad basically revolves around my work schedule. I am super lucky to only work three 12 hour shifts per week. The downside to this is that I have to work night shift to earn the shift differential ($4/hour extra = big chuck of change!). Because I work nights, she goes to stay with her dad when I’m at work.

This has been only an okay situation that I’ve never been truly thrilled about but it worked when E wasn’t in school. Now that she’s in kindergarten things get a little hectic around her schedule.

Also, I’m not at all pleased with recent developments in her father’s living situation. I’ve been feeling for a while that I really need to pursue a career that will allow me to work Monday through Friday so that I can normalize her schedule rather than being bounced back and forth.

Ok…so back to the school. The price tag (approximately $25,000) has been making me queasy for a while, but I had a plan that involved using financial aid and the tuition reimbursement offered by my employer. Still was going to be tight, but I figured doable. The fact that the slightest hiccup in the plan would throw the whole thing into the realm of impossible didn’t hit me until recently.

Thinking about money and the developments with E’s dad finally pushed me to sit down and make a list. Pros and cons of each career path.  If I had a fancy scanner I’d post the list for you but the short of it is that the pros of HIM far outweighed the pros of Nursing.

The most important realization of this whole situation is that I listened to my gut and I found I could trust it! A lot of the things I’ve done in life might be different had I done this more often, and that information is valuable, but instead of looking back it’s time to look ahead.

I can’t undo very much, but now I know that if I just take my time and acknowledge that gut feeling I might just get to a place that doesn’t need undoing.

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